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Mall's or Shopping Centre's are an incredibly important part of modern society and make up a dominant portion of global retail space even with the unmistakable growth of online or e commerce shopping. There are various contributing factors that make a person want to do their shopping in a mall including social reasons, customer experiences and of course variety.

Different Mall's appeal to different LSM (Living Standard Measure) markets, cultural groups, and demographics and it is important that a mall's marketing and branding appeal to the correct potential shoppers.

Having started in Mall Radio and continuing to excel in the field, 440Hz Studios has an intricate understanding of what is required from an audio presence through the busy hallways of Shopping Mall's. A non disruptive, clear and brand strong Mall Radio Station can be a powerful marketing tool and provide the base for a pleasant customer experience, keeping more happy customers shopping for longer periods of time.

How This Product Works

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Established in 2008, 440Hz Studios is a modern media company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our vision is to offer our clients new, relative and current media content through modern and streamlined mediums thereby maximizing return on our clients revenue. We aim to do this through increased marketing and customer awareness, strengthening of brand image or creating additional revenue streams, dependent on individual client needs.

Our company aims to carry out our business vision ethically with efficiency, quality and usability as our 3 ideals. Building our company's success on the success of our product, not the backs of our clients.

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