Radio On The Move

440Hz Studios have overcome difficulties in making professional private radio solutions, mobile.

In the past, personalised mobile radio solutions presented a near impossible task. Exorbitant budgets and often unattainable licensing permissions made achieving an entertaining, media rich private solution non-viable.

Thanks to intelligent play-listing and advancing technologies all that has changed! 440Hz Studios now offer professional, media rich, full time radio services for your clients on the move.

Millions of people make use of public and private transport every day and more often than not these customers are exposed to poorly executed, repetitive media content, established public broadcasts or absolutely no media content at all. One could imagine that such scenarios result in many missed opportunities by transport companies who, with their massive audience of marketable customers, can achieve a substantial revenue return by utilising 440Hz Studios’ mobile radio solutions.

How This Product Works

Radio On The Move Radio On The Move


Established in 2008, 440Hz Studios is a modern media company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our vision is to offer our clients new, relative and current media content through modern and streamlined mediums thereby maximizing return on our clients revenue. We aim to do this through increased marketing and customer awareness, strengthening of brand image or creating additional revenue streams, dependent on individual client needs.

Our company aims to carry out our business vision ethically with efficiency, quality and usability as our 3 ideals. Building our company's success on the success of our product, not the backs of our clients.

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