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The importance of an audio product in a customer based environment is invaluable. However, to successfully achieve the desired effect such a product needs to be delivered flawlessly. A larger negative impression can be left upon visiting cliental by a poorly executed audio product, when compared to having no audio presence whatsoever. Scratchy CD's, repetitive material and inappropriate or unsuitable play-listing can all contribute to an undesired or disappointing customer experience. 440Hz Studios provides a professionally managed audio solution that eliminates these otherwise potential occurrences, with a slick, high quality, brand strong end product.

Pre-recorded radio stations hugely benefit any customer based outlet looking for new means to strengthen brand and/or product image whilst creating and maintaining a market appropriate, tailored undercurrent via an audio medium. Our goal is to assist clients in optimising their competitive advantage in the existing marketplace by providing them with a unique product, aimed at reinforcing and enhancing their existing marketing campaigns and customer impression. As a tailor built package, 440Hz Studios products do not stray from brand or product image. Partnering with our clients, we deliver an unmistakably Brand Specific Radio Station.

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In Store Radio In Store Radio


Established in 2008, 440Hz Studios is a modern media company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our vision is to offer our clients new, relative and current media content through modern and streamlined mediums thereby maximizing return on our clients revenue. We aim to do this through increased marketing and customer awareness, strengthening of brand image or creating additional revenue streams, dependent on individual client needs.

Our company aims to carry out our business vision ethically with efficiency, quality and usability as our 3 ideals. Building our company's success on the success of our product, not the backs of our clients.

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